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Leader Şahin spoke at the World Cities Forum

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Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Leader Fatma Şahin talked about the “Green City” activities carried out in Gaziantep at the 11th World Urbanism Forum organized by the United Nations (UN) Habitat in Katowice, Poland.

GAZIANTEP (IGFA) – Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Leader Fatma Şahin, “How Cities Become More Inclusive, Resilient and Green in the Face of a Crisis?” in the forum. He attended the session entitled

In his speech, Şahin said that there is a need for a new model in renewable power that will be an analysis of the troubles experienced in the world, where everyone wins.

Emphasizing the efficient use of resources and types of renewable power, Lider Şahin noted that the electricity cost of the producers in the industrial city is very high and stated that the solution is to listen to the local, farmers, mothers and women, and said, “We must evaluate the resources we have on the right information. I see the salvation of the world in green development.”

Stating that the city’s new transportation, housing, climate and infrastructure plans as soon as they were created to the mayor’s mission, Şahin also touched upon the issue of asylum seekers and mentioned that the “Gaziantep Model” was created with all the institutions and special branch representatives of the city.

Şahin pointed out that the first measurements were made about the refugees and said, “We have made measurements and determinations about how many of the refugees who come to our city are in need of education, their gender ratio, demographics, professions and what they need . We have identified the status of each of them. There were 100,000 children under the age of 18. If we do nothing, there will be a lost generation. In this generation, there would be racism, terrorism, radicalization. We saw that these children should be included in the education life and we carried out studies. We examined the immigration policies of other countries one by one. We have exceeded 90 percent of the primary school enrollment rate. This is an incredible success story. There is a great effort by our President and the relevant ministers here,” he said.

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