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Leader Özcan: I am the CHP’s own child

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Following the decision at the CHP’s MYK meeting yesterday, Bolu Municipality Leader Tanju Özcan to be disciplined with a definite expulsion request, Leader Özcan, who shared on his social media account, said, “I am not the CHP’s stepchild, but his own child. “

BOLU (IGFA) – Bolu Municipality Leader Tanju Özcan commented, “My line has never changed, it will not change from now on. I am not a step-daughter of the Republican People’s Party, I am a true son,” regarding the CHP’s demand for definitive dismissal.

Özcan, in his post on his social media account after the decision, said, “I made politics without bending. I repeated at every opportunity that I was a Kemalist, a Turkish nationalist embracing all ethnic identities, and an anti-imperialist who loves his country very much. My line has never changed, it will not change from now on. Republican People’s Party” He used the words “I’M MY SON, not stepchild”.

As it will be remembered, the CHP VQA has responded to AK Party member Hacer Çınar, who raised her hand at the city council meeting on 16 May, saying, “Why are you waving at me, I’m a married man, it’s a shame” and because she went to the window of her office and danced during the protests against her? He was sent to discipline with a definitive expulsion demand.

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