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Leader Büyükakın hosted the wrestlers in Kocaeli

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Leader Büyükakın hosted our wrestlers, who won the gold belt in the 6th Yalova Altınova Municipality Herzegovina Oil Wrestling Wrestling, in his office.

KOCAELİ İGFA- Marmara Municipalities Union and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Leader Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın hosted the athletes who took the podium in the 6th Yalova Altınova Municipality Herzegovina Oil Wrestling Wrestling, which is included in the Oil Wrestling activity program of the Turkish Wrestling Federation. During the visit, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department Leader Şemsettin Yıldırım, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality’s Kagitspor wrestlers Hüseyin Gümüşalan, Faruk Akkoyun, Nedim Gürel, Tanju Gemici and Zafer Dama were present, Leader Büyükakın chatted with the wrestlers and shared their joy.


The wrestlers of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Kağıtspor Club, which won many medals in the meadow last year, showed that they are quite argumentative this year by winning the first golden belt of the period. The wrestlers, who took over the entire head wrestling neck podium in the wrestlings in Herzegovina, came to visit Lider Büyükakın with the golden belt they won in the 6th Yalova Altınova Municipality Oil Wrestling. Leader Büyükakın had a photo taken with the sportsmen and the golden belt they brought with them


Referring to the value and place of wrestling in our city, Leader Büyükakın expressed his satisfaction with the return of their investments in wrestling. He stated that investments on the side will continue. Congratulating each of the athletes individually at the end of the visit, Leader Büyükakın wished success to the wrestlers who are preparing for the upcoming Kırpınar Oil Wrestling.

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