Lawyers evaluated: Should the ministers elected as MPs resign?

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Fifteen ministers in the presidential cabinet nominated their party’s parliamentary candidates in the elections. During the parliamentary candidacy of the ministers, “while there was a reaction, now in politics, 15 ministers who were entitled to enter the parliament after the elections on 14 May “whether he should resign”being discussed.

However, on the wing of lawyers “Whether the elected ministers of parliament should resign”about “There is no complete consensus.”

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(Turgut Kazan)


Lawyer Turgut Kazan,reacting to ministers’ use of ministry resources during the election period “You will participate in broadcasts with all the resources of the Treasury, you will take over all the media… Is there such an election?”asked. “After the ministers were elected as deputies, their ministerial duties fell”pointing Kazan, “But it seems that everything they do is legitimate in their opinion. This is the name of the full repression regime”expressed his opinion.

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(Omer Faruk Eminagaoglu)


Lawyer Omer Faruk Eminagaoglu He also stated that the ministers elected as deputies can continue their duties until the swearing-in ceremony in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. However, this situation “it is against political ethics”Underlining Eminağaoğlu, “Legally, they can continue until the oath, but if they do not relinquish their ministerial duties, according to the constitution, their deputies will end with the oath. During the election process, they openly used their ministerial duties in favor of the party they belonged to and were elected as parliamentarians. They actually use two adjectives at the moment. However, something that cannot be legally cannot happen in practice. Therefore, it is not politically correct for them to continue their ministerial duties until they are sworn in.”used his statements.

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(Hikmet Sami Turk)


Former Minister of Justice Hikmet Sami Turkmade the following assessment:

“There is currently no situation that requires them to resign. According to the constitution, both the ministry and the deputy are incompatible, but the incompatibility begins with the oath of the deputy. In other words, this is a process that starts from the moment the deputy takes the oath. If they take an oath at the opening of the Assembly, their ministry will be dropped.”

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