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Last minute… Reply from Ekrem İmamoğlu to Erdoğan, who targeted him: ‘Who are you!’

Vice President Candidateand the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Ekrem Imamoglu, GaziosmanpasaHe met with the citizens.

Headlines from İmamoğlu’s statements are as follows:

We will unite in love, peace and brotherhood. We will develop cities. Together we will find solutions to the problems of the country.

We will work hard for the future of our children and youth. We did it in Istanbul, now we will do it all over Turkey.

-Young people, your decision in this election will be with you for life. Make your own decisions for yourself. Say ‘true’ to right and ‘false’ to wrong. In this election, ‘second round’ vs. no. Be sure to finish this work tomorrow, dear young people. When you demonstrate this determination, you will see, it will change your life. Monday morning you will smile and your universities will be liberated. No one will come and arrest you just because you tweeted. No one will judge your opinion. We promise freedom to young people. That’s why this choice is so important.

-This election is also very important for children. The future of these children is in the hands of their parents. You will decide for them to be prisoners of the exam, to be equal, to eliminate inequality in education and to fill their lunchboxes.

-It sets the nation against each other. I have said everywhere: Who are you, you will measure my national consciousness, my love for the country, my passion for the nation and my love for the homeland, the nation, the flag and Atatürk. Get out of there. I have no business with those who have problems with their past, who have problems with Atatürk.

-They think that we will win again. That job is done. We did not roll up these sleeves on May 6 for nothing. Get out of there. The time for a handful of people to win is over, the nation will win.

Details are coming…

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