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LAST MINUTE NEWS: Abortion decision from the US Supreme Court

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The US Supreme Court announced that it annulled the 1973 “Roe-Wade decision” that constitutionally guaranteed the right to abortion nationwide.


Abortion, one of the controversial issues in the USA, was once again on the agenda of the country, with the leak of the draft that the Supreme Court would annul the Roe-Wade decision of 1973, which protected the right to abortion throughout the country .

More than 300 protests were held across the country to defend the right to abortion, especially in cities such as New York, Washington, Los Angeles, Austin and Chicago.

The protesters, carrying banners with the words “My body, my choice”, chanted slogans that the right to abortion cannot be taken away by court order.


The “Roe-Wade decision” adopted in 1973 was the basis for abortion to be a constitutional right in the USA.

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