Last Minute… From Kılıçdaroğlu to Erzurum Governor Memiş: ‘I will ask each of you to account’

Türkiye goes to the polls on 14 May. The activity in the squares continues with only a few days before the elections.

Presidential Candidate of the Nation Alliance Kemal Kilicdaroglu, Intellectualheld in People’s GatheringHe addressed the citizens.

Erzurum‘in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality(IMM) President Ekrem ImamogluHe pointed to local authorities regarding the stone attack on .

Kılıçdaroğlu, who criticizes Erzurum Governor Okay Memiş anonymously, said: You are the governor of the state! You are the governor of the state! If you act like a party bureaucrat, if you work for a party, I will hold each of you accountable.He used the words “.


The highlights of Kılıçdaroğlu’s statements are as follows:

* If you are ready for change, Mr. Kemal is also ready. We will bring peace, fertility and brotherhood to this country together. We will bring spring to this country. You have great troubles and troubles, your children are unemployed, the farmer cannot receive the fruits of his crops, there is a fire in the kitchen, the state is not well-managed, I know that those who rely on the state consume all the resources of the state. All of them have a solution, you have the key to the solution. We will solve it together.

* No farmer, no producer will ever suffer. Milk producer will never harm, milk powder will never come from outside. No business will be in trouble. The Ministry of Trades will be established. There is someone who protects your rights and your law, his name is; Mr Kamal. We will delete the interest on the money received by the farmers and tradesmen. When we say this, ‘Where will Mr. Kemal get the money?’ they say. You work for gangs of five, and Mr. Kemal works for citizens!


* I will end the reign. I will not live in the palace. I will live in Gazi’s Çankaya Mansion. The people will enjoy the palace. I promise you; I will bring freedom and peace. When you tweet, your mother is your father; ‘We’ll be in trouble,’ he warns. You will easily criticize Mr. Kemal.

* The village will truly become a part of the city. We will rebuild the village. We will build a beautiful Türkiye where everyone produces and wins. This is our duty. Mr. Kemal does not go back on his word. We will send all of my Syrian and Afghan brothers to their countries within 2 years at the latest. We will live in peace in our own country.


* The state is governed by merit, justice and morality. The state is not a party. The party is separate, the state is separate. They made the state a party state. I am calling from Aydın Square: You are the governor of the state! You are the governor of the state! If you act like a bureaucrat of a party, if you work for a party, I will hold each of you to account. The name of the law they are subject to: Civil Servants Law. If a civil servant serves his citizens regardless of their views, he has a place in my head. If he acts like a party official, he is not a civil servant. The civil servant will do his duty. I respect civil servants.”


Governor of Erzurum Okay MemisIn his statement after the stone attack, İmamoğlu’s visit to the city was a ” meeting“not as” tradesman visitHe argued that effective security measures were not taken because it was programmed as “.

Also to the question about the attackers ” If needed, there will be detention.‘ he had replied.

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