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Last minute: ENAG announced its April inflation report!

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ENAG Consumer Price Index, 12-month increase rate in E-CPI was 156.86 percent. In April, it increased by 8.68 percent.

The ENAG Price Index, obtained from daily price changes for the April 2022 period (31.03.2022-30.04.2022), increased by 8.68 percent on a monthly basis. The research group also shared the daily information of BIST100 (Borsa Istanbul 100 index), US Dollar exchange rate and interest rate (2-year government bond) indicators on a daily basis for the course of the ENAG Consumer Price Index (E-CPI) for April 2022.


ENAG Consumer Price Index (E-CPI) and TURKSTAT main expenditure cluster inflation rates trace sub- group inflation rates in the chart given. When Turkstat subsets are taken as an indicator, the minimum monthly increase is health with 0.14 percent. The highest increase was realized in clothing and shoes with 13.81 percent. The lowest increase was in the health item.

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