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Last minute… Ekrem İmamoğlu called Erdoğan from Rize: Your report card is zero!

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality(IMM) President and Nation AllianceVice President Candidate Ekrem Imamoglu, RizeCitizens gathered at the rally.


The highlights of İmamoğlu’s statement are as follows:

Someone gives hope, someone instills fear

-Hope wins or fear wins, smiling face wins or sullen face?

I will win the hearts of those who did not vote for me.

The mind that tries to frighten the nation by saying ‘Everything will go bad’ is an arrogant mind that does not know its place.

They said, ‘These are selected, veleddalin amin’. Look at the mind, may Allah protect the country from their wrath. No matter who goes, this is the Republic of Turkey, you are not a grain of sand in this country. Will this thousand-year-old state suffer because that politician has gone and this politician has come? Who came and who went.


– If you say, ‘Everything will be so bad when I’m gone’, goodbye to you. Come on go home. Serve your wife, your wife, your children.

– If you are trying to scare the nation by saying, ‘If I go, the country will sink’; your report card is zero, zero. You fail. You yourself confessed.

-This nation is not afraid, this nation is self-confident. On May 14, the nation will win.

We are coming to establish the power of the nation.


-We will ensure that ÇAYKUR is managed with merit. ÇAYKUR has been destroyed so far. I would like to repeat the good news of our President: Tea 15 TLwill be.


Drawing attention to Ali Yeşildağ’s allegations, İmamoğlu used the following statements:

“They fell in love with each other so much. Pandora’s box is opened every day. Every night, we were surprised to hear which movie and whose confession we were going to listen to. Can I tell you something: In the 100th anniversary of the Republic, as I listen to those confessions, my face drops and my mood breaks down. I am ashamed. There is no shame in these, I am ashamed.”


Presidency of Religious AffairsReferring to the speculations about the issue, İmamoğlu said:

“They say they will close the Diyanet. Atatürk founded Diyanet, n let it be closed. But the political understanding there will of course be removed.”

Details are coming…

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