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Last Minute: 3600 additional indicator explanation from Minister Alim

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Vedat Alım, Minister of Labor and Social Security, attended the signing ceremony of the “MEXT BİL-İşim Education and Employment Program” cooperation protocol. Temm

In his speech here, Minister Alim said:

“Investment, employment and growth are also the main investment in human beings. It is very valuable for us that the production power continues to increase. We are returning to the age of the information industry. The project we put into practice here will be guaranteed employment. We will start employment projects in all industrial regions of Turkey.

With these programs, we will increase the employment capability of the industry. We have to solve the problems of our employees, we take care of and protect our employees.

We will make a statement about the situation of retirees and public employees at the end of June. We will also make a statement about the 3600 additional indicator shortage at the end of this month.”

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