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Last day for university registrations!

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With the announcement of the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) preference results, the university registration process, which started on August 22, ends today.

ANKARA (IGFA) – After the announcement of the YKS preference results on August 15, the registration period in universities started.

According to the YKS preference results, the registration processes of the candidates who are entitled to enroll in a random program will be made in the middle of August 22-26, and e-registration, that is, electronic registration, will be made in the middle of August 22-24, 2022. According to this table, university registrations end today.

Candidates who do not apply for registration or complete their processes during the day will lose their rights.

Following the completion of the registration process, an additional placement schedule is expected to be announced for the vacant quotas.


Higher Education Council (YÖK) social media accounts reminded that the university registration processes ended today, and the words “The registration process ends today for candidates who have won a program according to the YKS placement results”.

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