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Land prices in Bursa have gone crazy! Land for 60 thousand liras per acre from Global Net Investment!

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BURSA (IGFA) – Karacabey, the region of Bursa that has made a breakthrough in terms of industry and tourism, does not escape the attention of domestic and foreign investors.

Global Net Investment, which has made a name for itself in the real estate segment with its 35 years of experience, offers its customers useful and affordable land and land. Global Net Investment, which offers land and land sales to its customers at prices starting from 60 thousand liras per acre, has become the apple of the eye of domestic and foreign investors with the confidence of beneficial investment and 35 years of experience.


TEKNOSAB, where an investment of 25 billion dollars will be employed and 150 thousand people will be employed, is expected to bring along new zoning areas that will also respond to the housing need.

Global Net Investment experts, noting that investing in soil always saves time, said, “Land and land investments to be made in developing regions will open the doors of interest to the back. In Bursa, the most admired investment in the growth trend of immigration due to factors such as industry, housing and tourism is land and lands. As the human population increases, the land per capita will decrease. Land or land with little or no production will always be expensive. Bursa, a city with a strong industry, is growing to the west as it is all over the world. Bursa Karacabey region, being the growing west side of the city, is the biggest investment region of the future where giant projects such as TEKNOSAB and the highway that brought civilization are combined.


Global Net Investment, an investment company admired for its experience, expert team and safe investments, guides its domestic and foreign investor customers with its 35 years of experience and over 50 expert teams. Global Net Investment, which shares its experiences in land and land with its customers, started to sell land and land with prices starting from 60 thousand liras per acre.

Global Net Investment experts, who mentioned that there is a limited number of lands, said that the sales of the places that vary according to the region and position are limited to the places in the stocks, and that they always offer the most suitable and beneficial investments to domestic and foreign investors.

Domestic and foreign investors can reach all the works of Global Net Investment, which turns the development of regions into predictable investments within the scope of plan-project, taking professional basis from urban planners, survey engineers, appraisal experts, on the website www.globalnetyatirim .com, phone 0 (224) 452 58 59. or Global Net Investment social media accounts.

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