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Kütahya Square is waiting for 29 October

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Kütahya Municipality Leader Prof. Dr. Alim Işık, in his statement, said that for the Victory Square project, the square will be closed to vehicle traffic on Monday, June 6, 2022. Lider Işık stated that all necessary precautions were taken and that there was no situation that would hinder the flow of traffic.

KÜTAHYA (IGFA) – Kütahya Municipality Leader Prof. Dr. In his statement, Alim Işık said that they put the curious Victory Square project into practice at the beginning of June. Stating that the contractor company has started the necessary work, Lider Işık said, “Due to the events in front of the governor’s office this weekend and the exam to be held on Sunday, the construction of the square will actually start as of Monday, June 6th. For this reason, the square will be closed to traffic from Monday. Areas affecting the construction area In line with the decision taken with the official letter written to the Kütahya Police Department Traffic Registration and Inspection Branch Directorate, the area in the middle of Kara Ahmet Street, Akabe Street and Belediye Street will remain closed to traffic. The hub where Adnan Menderes Boulevard and Atatürk Boulevard meet and does not enter the construction area is open to traffic. There will be no application that will prevent the traffic flow of our citizens at random. I expect the support of our people on this issue,” he said.

Expressing that the construction deadline is 180 days in the official contract, Lider Işık said that all the plans for the project were made to open the square on October 29, Republic Day. Leader Light stated that the contractor company will continue to work day and night.

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