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Kultepe Economics Summit started in Kayseri

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Kültepe İktisat Tepesi, which was held for the fourth time, started with the opening speeches of Ali Özcan. Ali Özcan, the Leader of Kültepe Economics Platform and ASKON Kayseri, said, “After this, when we talk about trade, Kültepe will come to mind.”

ASKON Kayseri Leader Ali Özcan emphasized the relevance of Kültepe and trade in his speech. Ali Özcan said, “You have all been welcome to the Kultepe Economics Summit, the fourth of which we are aiming for the fiftieth, and you have brought joy. Every year, we determine a word describing Kültepe for the Kültepe Economics Peak. This year, we carried out our work with the emphasis on “The Touchstone of Trade”. Today, we are in the middle of bringing trade to the agenda again in the lands where it was born. Trade comes to mind when Kultepe is mentioned. From now on, when you talk about trade, Kültepe will come to mind.” made a statement.


Stating that they also took the first step in the transition to the international dimension of the summit, Özcan said, “As of today, we have taken the first steps for the hill to gain an international identity. We’re going to keep putting it on every hill. We will not stop until the world starts talking about Kültepe, we will work. We will achieve this by weaving labor, stitch by stitch, embroidery and embroidery. Taking its strength from its history, Kültepe will continue to be the signature of Anatolia from where it left off.” spoke form.

Program ASKON General Leader Orhan Aydın, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Yavuz Selim Kıran and finally Minister of Treasury and Finance Dr. Nureddin Nebati’s speeches continued.

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