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KRG: PKK provided more force support from Syria to Sinjar

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Iraqi Kurdish Regional Administration (IKRG) Prime Minister Masrour Barzani made statements to the press members regarding the agenda.

Prime Minister Masrour Barzani reiterated his invitation to implement the treaty, which includes removing the terrorist organization PKK from Sinjar, and said, “The illegal forces (PKK) are in Sinjar and they have provided more force support from Syria to the region.”

Masrour Barzani stated that Sinjar was not cleared of terrorists and said, “Sinjar has not been cleared. These illegal forces imposed themselves there and there were clashes between them and the federal government forces.”

Barzani stated that the KRG parliamentary elections, which were announced to be held on 1 October, should be held on time. (98002)

Barzani also spoke about the missile attack on Erbil on 13 March, by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards A military compensation done, and said, ” citizen’s residence has targeted, it is legal for him to complain and demand. ” in a way, it is his right “.

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