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Kremlin’s statement on grain exports from Odessa: There is no concrete agreement

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Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitriy Peskov evaluated the process of resuming grain exports from Odessa, in a statement to journalists in the capital Moscow.

Reminding that Russian State Leader Vladimir Putin made various statements about the process in question, Peskov said, “Putin said that Ukraine should clear the mines around the ports. Thus, ships under our control for illegal arms shipments will be able to enter the port and load grain. There is no concrete agreement regarding this process.” spoke form.

Peskov said that they could also help the ships leaving Odesa to reach international waters, adding that a timetable for the process has not been determined.


Russian State Leader Vladimir Putin recently pointed to Belarus for the transport of Ukraine’s grain to other countries.

In an interview with Russian state channel Rossiya-24, Putin made evaluations about the global food crisis and grain shipments.

Blaming the US for the food issues, Putin said, “From February 2020 to the end of 2021, in less than two years, the money supply in the US increased by 5.9 trillion dollars. This is the work of the printing house like no other. The total money supply increased by 38.6 percent.” he said.

Explaining that this mistake, which some US officials also accepted, increased food prices, Putin said that the second problem was the steps taken by Europe in the field of power.

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