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Kremlin: We think that cooperation between Ankara and Moscow will deepen and expand

Answering journalists’ questions about the elections in Turkey at the daily press conference, Peskov said that they followed the elections carefully and respected the preferences of the Turkish people.

“We (Russia and Turkey) are bound together by a very broad mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields such as energy, tourism, trade, agriculture, road transport, air transport, and so on. This truly mutually beneficial cooperation brings together both the Turkish people and the Russians. It certainly meets the interests of its people. Therefore, we are of course following the news from Turkey these days with great interest, with great attention. We respect and will hear the choice of the Turkish people.”Peskov emphasized that in any case, they believe that bilateral cooperation will deepen and expand.

‘Türkiye is strong enough to ensure transparent elections’

Peskov, who was asked to comment on the threat of the USA to interfere in the elections in Turkey and the possibility of ‘Maydan’ events similar to those in Ukraine, in Turkey, “Turkey is a mature democracy, a strong sovereign country, and of course it has the power to ensure fair, democratic elections, transparent elections and prevent all kinds of illegal acts. We have no doubts about that.”used the phrases.

‘Britain’s military aid to Ukraine will not have a serious impact on the course of the operation’

At the press conference, the increase in the military aid provided by London to Kiev was also on the agenda. Criticizing British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s announcement that he will announce a new military aid package for Ukraine, Peskov once again underlined that this would not have a serious impact on the course of special military operations.

The Kremlin Spokesperson noted that this would undoubtedly cause more destruction and make Ukraine’s job more difficult.

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