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Kremlin: EU candidacy of Ukraine and Moldova should not cause problems for Russia

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Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitriy Peskov made statements to journalists about the acceptance of Ukraine and Moldova as candidate countries to the EU.

Peskov stated that this issue is the internal trouble of Europe and pointed out that it is valuable that these processes do not lead to further deterioration of Russia’s relations with the EU.

Reminding that the relations with the EU are already bad, Peskov said, “It is very valuable for us that all these processes do not cause us more problems and that the aforementioned countries (Ukraine and Moldova) do not cause more problems in their relations with base. In fact, there are many of these problems.”

Noting that there is not much to say about Ukraine’s candidacy status, but basically everything is clear, Peskov said that Moldova wants to be more European than Europeans and is trying to take some precautions for this.

“In many ways, Moldova somehow associates this candidacy status with Russian non-violence. They think that the more Russians they have, the more Europeans should like them. We really would n’t want that to happen. “Used his words.

Reminding that he worked as a diplomat in Turkey 20 years ago, Peskov reminded that Turkey has been waiting for a long time as a candidate country to the EU. Peskov said, “However, we see that Turkey has become a dominant independent country. So nuances are possible here.” he said.


Responding to the question about the measures to be taken in response to Lithuania’s blocking of transit goods transit to Russia’s Kaliningrad region, Peskov said, “There is no need to hurry here, but we are, of course, duly determined at the same time. There is a need for some time before decisions are made.” he said.

Peskov stated that the Russian authorities analyzed the events in an important way and conveyed their situation to other countries through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and noted that they were absolutely right in this regard, but they did not exclude the annulment of the restriction decision.

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