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Kocaeli ‘Infrequent’ Blue Flag

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Located in Kocaeli, Kandıra Seyrek Beach was awarded the Blue Flag by successfully passing 33 criteria

KOCAELİ (IGFA) – The beaches offered by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality to the people of the city will be full in the summer period.

In order for holidaymakers to enjoy the sea in the most pleasing form, preparations for the summer season are continuing rapidly at the public beaches, where the Blue Flag beaches are located in the middle. Kandıra Seyrek Beach was the last beach in Kocaeli to be awarded the Blue Flag by completing 33 criteria in 2022.

In this context, the Parks and Gardens Department groups continue their work on the coast, thinking down to the smallest details. Seyrek Beach, which will be put at the service of guests from Kocaeli and neighboring provinces, is getting ready to be a favorite of holidaymakers.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality added a new one to the number of Blue Flag beaches. Kandıra Seyrek Beach has successfully passed 33 criteria and was entitled to be offered to holidaymakers. Pressed concrete roads were completed on the beach, which was prepared with great care by the teams. WC and shower places are prepared urgently on the beach where sand is laid and palm trees are planted.

Seyrek Beach, where wooden decks will also take place, is preparing for the summer period with green field works. Kocaeli, which had 7 Blue Flags last year, did not change the number of flags in 2022. As with all Blue Flag beaches across the Sea of ​​Marmara, Altınkemer Beach was not awarded a Blue Flag, while Kandıra Seyrek Beach met the criteria and became a Blue Flag owner.

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