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Kocaeli Adnan Kahveci Park was brilliant

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Adnan Kahveci Park, designed by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality on an area of ​​2 thousand 550 square meters in the Dilovası district and brought to a contemporary look, dazzles with its night image.

KOCAELİ (IGFA) – The park, which has been the meeting point of Dilovan residents after it was put into service, was illuminated by the Metropolitan with the aim of using it as a living space in the evening. In this context, the Metropolitan teams made the park ready for summer evenings in order to allow the citizens of Dilovan to spend time in bright areas at night.

With the warming of the weather, the Metropolitan, which wants to ensure that the citizens can spend time in Adnan Kahveci Park at night, has completed its lighting works. In this context, the teams gave the park a sparkling appearance by erecting 29 decorative poles with 3 consoles. Within the scope of the work, lighting works were strengthened with 20 bolart lawn lighting, 12 wallwashers, 4 tree lighting, 4 TAG lighting spot fixtures, 8 wall sconces for the cafeteria and 4 chandeliers.


Adnan Kahveci Park, which shines brightly at night, has become a living space where citizens can spend time day and night. Citizens of Dilova, who mentioned that they are happy with the works of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, said that they can spend time in the park in a more faithful form at night due to the light. There are 6 camellias, playgrounds and cafeterias in Adnan Kahveci Park where citizens can sit and chat with their families.

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