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‘Knight of the Flag’ from Albania

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Ahmet Çalık, of the Çalık Holding Board of Directors, was awarded the Chairman Order of the Knight of the Flag on the occasion of his investments in Albania.

İSTANBUL (İGFA) – Çalık Holding Board of Directors Leader Ahmet Çalık, operating in the fields of energy, construction, mining, weaving, finance and digital, was honored with the Order of the Knight of the Flag, which is given to individuals who support the glory of the Albanian state and the Albanian nation.

Ahmet Çalık was awarded the medal by Albanian President Ilir Meta, who personally attended the ceremony.

Speaking at the engagement ceremony, Albanian President Ilir Meta reminded that their acquaintance with Ahmet Çalık dates back to 20 years ago, and said, “Çalık Holding made its first investment in Albania with one of the most important banks in the country, Banka Kombetare Tregtare Ahmet Çalık, who stands out as the most active investor in our country, is making efforts to further strengthen the strong ties between the two countries. We know that he is a valuable investor in many foreign countries as well. His investments in Kosovo and Albania Thank you for that,” he said.

Expressing his pleasure to present Çalık with the Order of the Knight of the Flag, the highest order of Albania, President Meta said, “Although it is a well-deserved award, I request him to continue his efforts to further consolidate these strong connections. “We know that Ahmet Çalık Bey also has efforts in this number, at the level of 3.5 billion dollars. He is a good example for Albania, and he also plays a very valuable role in the promotion of Albania,” he said.

Çalık Holding Executive Board Leader Ahmet Çalık stated that they have been continuing their activities with the effort of doing value-added works in many branches for years and said, “Albania offers valuable opportunities for foreign investors with legal regulations and incentives. I am explaining the great potential of the country and the opportunities for the business world.”

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