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Joining forces for the Paris 2024 Olympics

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Türkiye İş Bankası has become an official supporter of the Turkish National Olympic Committee.

With the cooperation of the Bank and the Committee, it is aimed to provide young people with more opportunities to prepare for the 2024 Paris Olympics, as well as to provide children with sports habits, to introduce them to Olympic values at an early age, to represent our country in the Olympics, and to increase our success. .


The 2024 Games will go down in history in terms of global climate crisis and gender equality winners, unlike the Olympics held so far. The Paris 2024 Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee attach great importance to ensuring that the Games are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and 2030 and 2053 goals regarding carbon footprint reduction. The Paris 2024 Olympics, where it is planned to support projects for the protection of forests and oceans, will be the first climate-positive Olympics in contemporary history if the objectives are achieved. In addition, it will be the first in the history of the Olympics in terms of gender equality, as male and female sportsmen will compete with equal participation.

İşbank General Manager Hakan Ortan, in his speech at the press conference, said, “I believe that we will achieve successes that will make us all proud and happy on this journey that we will walk together with the Turkish National Olympic Committee. These achievements will not be measured by scores or medals alone. Because we set out on this meaningful road so that our young people can dream again and raise new role models that will set an example for our youth. Thanks to this union of forces, a pleasant 3-year period awaits us in which the Olympic wind will blow.”


Mentioning that they place great value on inclusivity, participation and the sustainability of cost creation, Ortan said, “In 1936, Yaşar Erkan, who won a gold medal at the Berlin Olympics, became our first Olympic champion, 1928 Amsterdam. Mehmet Çoban, who won various degrees at the Olympics and 1936 Berlin Olympics, and Yaşar Doğu, who won gold medals at the 1948 London Olympics, the European Championships in 1949 and the world championships in 1951, said at the same time that İşbank’s valuable employees stated.

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