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ITU Development Foundation Schools, Dr. Quality award for Sedat Üründül Kindergarten

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ITU Development Foundation Schools, Dr. Sedat Urundul Kindergarten; It was entitled to receive the “National Quality Label” for the successful projects it carried out within the scope of the eTwinning Platform promoted by the Ministry of National Education.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – ITU Development Foundation Schools Sedat Üründül Kindergarten continued its work by being involved in 8 different international eTwinning projects in the middle of 2021-2022. The projects covered many subjects such as nature observation, nature love and consciousness of preserving natural life, intercultural information exchange, supporting the skills of expressing and expressing feelings, increasing communication competencies in English, and exploring mathematical activities through environment and nature.

Collaboration Develops Among Students, Teachers Recognize Different Teaching Paths

eTwinning, which is a platform created to promote school cooperation in European countries through the use of information and communication technologies, aims to make and develop projects by improving the connection and cooperation between the participating schools. teachers through eTwinning projects; While getting an idea about the educational practices in different European countries, they get to know different teaching methods and improve themselves in terms of foreign language and profession. Students, on the other hand, get to know different cultures through projects, increase their cooperation and improve their foreign language and critical thinking skills.

”International Projects Contribute to the Socialization and Motivation of Students Besides Academic Achievements”

Stating that the school has been involved in international projects since 2009, Dr. İlkay Yılmaz, Director of Sedat Üründül Kindergarten, “eTwinning projects help students socialize, participate in classes more effectively and motivate them. In this way, our students have the opportunity to connect with their peers from different schools and countries, get to know their cultures and improve their foreign language knowledge.” He said. Stating that the Erasmus Program also opened many different doors for them, Yılmaz said, “We visited our partner school in Portugal at the end of May and since 2009, many teachers in our team had the opportunity to experience, observe and teach at a school abroad. This is a valuable gain in the professional sense,’ he said.

This Success Is Not First

ITU Development Foundation Schools, Dr. The “My Live Encyclopedia” project, which aims to create awareness of nature and environmental awareness, carried out by Sedat Üründül Kindergarten for 3-6 year old students within the scope of eTwinning activities, was also deemed worthy of the National Quality Label in 2021 The school is working towards getting the International Quality Award in the future.

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