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Italian Prime Minister Draghi: “I will be in Ankara for the bilateral hill with Turkey at the beginning of July”

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Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi briefed the parliamentarians on the Ukrainian war, international developments and contacts in the upper house of the parliament, the Senate.

Stating that the Ukraine war has entered its 85th day, Draghi said that the hope of Russia to seize most of Ukraine in a short time hit the resistance of the Ukrainians. Expressing that a ceasefire should be reached as soon as possible in order to prevent the humanitarian crisis from getting worse, Draghi said, “Italy will act together with its European partners and allies for all kinds of mediation, but Ukraine will decide how peace will be , a peace without Ukraine is unacceptable.”


Reminding that the intergovernmental summit in the middle of Italy and Turkey has not been held for 10 years, Draghi said, “I will be in Ankara for the bilateral hill with Turkey at the beginning of July. In this meeting, we will discuss the diplomatic and negotiation perspectives in the context of the conflict and the strengthening of relations between Italy and Turkey.”


“The consequences of the Russian occupation on human life are tremendous. Mass graves were also found in Kyiv last week. Italy offered the basis for the investigation of war mistakes,” said the Italian Prime Minister.

Stating that Ukraine and Russia are two valuable grain exporters around the world and many countries are dependent on these two countries, he said, “The food price index rose and reached an all-time high in March. Especially in Africa and the Middle East, where the risk of food crisis has increased. The situation of creating a destructive effect is a matter of words” commented.


Prime Minister Draghi stated that they will not be dependent on Russian gas from the second half of 2024, according to the government’s claims, and that their determination is at the highest level to remove the bureaucratic breaks in renewable power sources and the obstacles in front of investments.

In the middle, Draghi expressed that NATO has intensified its movements in the eastern flank, and that in addition to the already 2,500 Italian military presence in the region, they will send 1000 more soldiers to Hungary and Bulgaria, and that they are considering sending an air defense system to Slovakia.

The Italian Prime Minister reiterated their support for Finland and Sweden’s membership in NATO.

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