Business is booming.

It is collected by hand one by one, its weight goes up to 360 TL.

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Blueberries grown on an area of ​​27 decares in Sarıabalı District of Serik district are carefully picked one by one.

As in the other works, the blueberry was affected by natural events such as cold weather and storms in the winter months, and the harvest was started with a delay of 1 month.

Engineer Ayfer Sürat stated that by burning straw and rubber for the blueberries grown in the winter months, the artifact is kept both inside and outside to prevent it from getting cold and to increase its resistance.


Stating that they are growing blueberries on 27 decares of land, Ayfer Sürat said, “We have about 9 thousand flowerpots here. We aim for 4 kilos per pot. Our harvest revolution changes within the period of 1 and a half-2 months. This year we have been affected by cold and frosts to a small extent. It even snowed in Antalya. Of course, we have truly increased the resistance of our plants. We made some physical applications to prevent the works from getting cold. Hay is about to burn tires. We have taken the plant to both external defense. We both fed it internally and preserved it, and we have come to this day. He delivered an efficiency above what we wanted. That’s why we are happy.”


Saying that the demand for blueberries never diminishes and that they have a continuous customer portfolio, Sürat said, “It is a work that is always active. If we talk about the marketing part of the work, there is quite a large demand in big chain markets. We also have customers that we are in direct contact with. We have 3 kinds of artifacts in our garden. All of them have specific characteristics. Their caliber, aroma ratios and the hazy structure on the fruit differ. We also offer the product they want to the consumer depending on the demand. Some of our fruits are sour, sweet, some very sweet, some a bit astringent, but their caliber is above the standard. larger the fruit, the higher the demand. The weight of our works varies in the middle of 250-360 TL. There may be an increase or decrease depending on the period. Our works are sold in 125 gram chalets. has arrived” spoke in .

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