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It became an overnight phenomenon! Parıltı Esin is almost like Digital Guzin Sister…

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Işık Esin, who has boldly voiced her point-and-shoot determinations on men and women on the TikTok platform in recent months, told editor Hasret Özgüt Yörekli, in a conversation with lots of laughter, how she turned into a phenomenon overnight .

Özlem ÖZGÜT YÖREKLİ / USA (IGFA) – 32-year-old Parıltı Esin, who lives in Istanbul and whose main job is to import silver, became a phenomenon on TikTok, where she reached 200 thousand followers in 2.5 months, and then on Instagram , which she opened.

Nur Esin has created a genre that has never been tried before, using slang, sometimes harsh, sometimes humorous, and sometimes without hesitation, with her unique style.

The story of Esin’s entry to TikTok, which produces content that only deals with the interests of women and men, is very interesting…

Esin, who has a great ability to observe, shares what she wants to tell in just 15 seconds, and 90 percent of her images go viral.

Esin, who stated that she never wanted to be a phenomenon, noted that she was constantly offered to take part in digital media around her friends because she spoke very well and always made laugh.

The followers of Esin, who never spared her words, also constitute a highly intellectual, professional and qualified mass majority.


Esin, who receives hundreds of comments under each of her posts, has a lot of followers who consider her as a relevance expert because of her determinations and send a private message.

She is almost the digital Güzin Sister of today. If you see the incoming messages, there are people who want help for the issues they have with their spouse and mother-in-law.

Esin’s chest is as famous as herself, in the images she shot mostly by sitting on it.

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