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Israel: Iran has know-how in research and production

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Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz spoke at a panel held at the country’s Reichman University.

Benny Gantz said that Iran maintains its irreversible knowledge and experience in the field of research and production.

Noting that Iran is currently trying to complete the production and assembly of 1,000 advanced centrifuges, Gantz said, “Iran is a few weeks away from collecting enough components to manufacture the first bomb. It has 60 kilograms of uranium enriched at 60 percent. Uranium metal can also be produced from matter that is enriched by 20 percent.”


Benny Gantz stated that Iran also prevented the International Atomic Power Agency from reaching its facilities, adding that “The Natanz Nuclear Facility is also among them”.

Pointing out that the effort with Iran has reached the regional and international level, Gantz emphasized that Iran’s extensions in the region also attacked oil fields and airports.

‘Weapons in the hands of the Iranian militia are increasing’

Benny Gantz said that they will not allow Iran to carry its precision weapons to Syria, adding that the weapons in the hands of Iran-affiliated Iraq and Yemen increased last year.

Gantz, who is expected to go to the USA tomorrow to meet with his colleague Lloyd Austin, drew attention to the increase in the long-range strategic weapons owned by Iran last year.

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