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Islam Memiş gave a date: The end of 1000 lira under gram will be on this date

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According to the news of Haber Global, market expert Islam Memiş, who made statements about the markets, gave a date for the end of 1000 liras under a gram. Underlining that his statements are not investment advice, Memiş made the following statements.


“Ounce gold started the week with a rise from 1855. Last week, I said that the rises under ounce can probably continue up to 1865, but profit sales may come from here. The upward trend started from 1780, this trend can continue up to 1867 dollars. Actually, the band range is 1780-1880 dollars. “Until the Fed meeting, come and spend in this range. Presumably, a profit sale may come again without testing. This is also normal. Today I will be following the $1840-1860 range during the day.


Gram gold is currently at the level of 950 lira (May 23, 09:00). In July, it will continue with a number of more than 1000 liras, but we will take a break in June. Why is it June, I will be giving the message of this again soon. We can see that silver prices at the level of 21.93 will break the level of 23 dollars again. Brent oil is at $112 level. The band gap is definitely 106-116. Central Banks set a band gap in the markets.

Cryptocurrency has also recovered around 3%. Cryptocurrencies were also exposed to the robbery operation in May, but I do not foresee that the decline will be permanent. After the first week of June, we named the month of June as the bull month. We will see upside rallies in the stock markets on an ounce basis this month. By distinguishing these two, we will focus on June.”

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