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ISIS attack in Kirkuk: 6 fatalities

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The terrorist organization ISIS attacked civilians near the town of Tazehurmatu, in the south of Kirkuk, Iraq.

A written statement on the issue was made by the Security Media Network of the Iraqi government. In the statement, it was reported that ISIS members carried out an armed attack on farmers near the town of Bashir in Tazehurmatu sub-district, where the majority of Turkmen live.

It was stated that 6 people who were farming in the region lost their lives in the attack, where automatic weapons were used, and tens of acres of wheat fields were burned. In the statement, it was noted that an operation was launched to catch the attackers.

Even though it has been 5 years since the terrorist organization ISIS was driven out of the region and the cities were recaptured, the group’s incursions continue, especially in the rural areas of Kirkuk, Diyala, Mosul, Salahaddin and Enbar provinces.

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