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İşbir Sentetik is in the European press with its renewable power investments

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The power crisis that emerged with the political developments around the world continues to affect many branches at the global level. However, the increase in production costs causes companies to turn to alternative power sources.

Companies that invest in Solar Power Systems (GES), which provides savings in power usage, making power consumption from local sources, and reducing fossil fuel consumption, both with an economic and sustainability focus, go one step ahead.

Providing services in the fields of medicine, chemistry, mining and weaving and meeting 26% of the power it needs with SPP, İşbir Sentetik entered the radar of the European press with its new investment. Aiming to produce 55% of its own power with the new 10 MWp SPP investment that will be commissioned in the first half of 2023, the company is among the prominent European companies such as Euronews, Latinpost, The London Economic, California Herald, The American Reporter, Estrella, El Mundo Financiero. caught the attention of the media.

Emphasizing that in parallel with the energy crisis and global warming, countries and companies that invest in renewable power, especially in SPP, have gained a great advantage, Metin Gültepe, General Manager of İşbir Sentetik, evaluated the issue with the following words:

“While Turkey ranks first in the world in terms of solar power potential, it is very valuable to use this power in industry and production. As İşbir Sentetik, we draw the attention of Europe to our country with the investments we made, and with the wind of this situation, we export to 40 countries in 4 continents. In addition to our current efforts to further increase our momentum, we have recently received the permits for our new 10 MWp SPP investment, which we will implement in the next period. Thus, while we currently meet 26% of our annual consumption from the electricity we produce with SPP, we plan to produce 55% of our power requirement ourselves in the first half of 2023, with our new investment. We are working hard on our sustainability projects for both our organization and our world.”


According to the information obtained from İşbir Sentetik General Manager Metin Gültepe, who also drew attention to the fact that they developed different applications in their production by complying with the restrictions in plastic production in European countries within the scope of environmental sensitivity, the company has been accelerating its efforts for environmentally friendly packaging production in the last period.

Within the framework of the Green Consensus, the set of globally accepted strategies to minimize the effects of the climate crisis, continues to work on the reuse of at least 30% of production residues at the R&D Center. Prioritizing the use of reusable and recyclable materials in production, the company aims to differentiate from its stakeholders by leaving less carbon footprint with the projects it has designed with the motto of ‘nature-friendly production’.


In his statement on the subject, İşbir Sentetik, who shares that they have turned the direction of Europe towards Turkey into an advantage with the major breaks in the global supply chains, draws attention to the fact that these companies have gained a permanent place in their portfolios with the production support it provides to European and American companies. The company, which has become one of the world’s leading Big Bag manufacturers throughout the process, aims to double the capacity of the Big Bag facility there by adding the FIBC Big Bag factory in India in 2017 to its annual production capacity of 60 thousand tons in Turkey.

Stating that they stand one step ahead of their competitors by designing and producing the machines they need, Metin Gültepe, General Manager of İşbir Sentetik, said, “We started to meet the demands quickly by minimizing our dependence on foreign sources with our sustainable and innovative projects. We have become the chairman organization in the market. With the automation we developed specifically for Big-Bag production, we have become the production partner of European countries. By turning the pandemic into an opportunity, we significantly increased our exports. We will continue to grow steadily with the understanding of nature-friendly production.”

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