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Is EYT coming to Parliament in July?

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In the backstages of Ankara, it is said that the regulations regarding the EYT have come to an end, and that the issue, which concerns about 5 million citizens, will come to the Parliament in July.

ANKARA (IGFA) – Valuable agenda items such as EYT, 3600 additional indicators, and the July base price increase have a wide coverage in Ankara backstages.

After the social media and internet journalism law in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the new judicial package activity, the eyes were turned to the increase in the melted base price with the increase in the 3600 additional indicators, EYT and inflation numbers that concern 5 million people .

It is stated that the studies on the search for resources and formulas for EYT have come to an end.

It is also in the middle of the information received that efforts were made to bring inflation up to 10s in July.

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