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Iran detains two French nationals for alleged ‘espionage’

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Iranian state television, in its news about the detention of two Europeans in the previous days, described the two people, who were stated as French citizens, as “spies trying to cause chaos in the country”.

It was stated that the French detainees Cecile Kohler and Jacques Paris were detained after it was determined that they came to Tehran on April 28 and that they were planning to organize anti-regime shows in the country.

Photographs and images of the activities of French citizens in the country were also shared in the news.

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced on May 11 that two Europeans had been detained on the grounds that they were planning to create “chaos, social disorder and instability” in the country.

The statement did not include the information of which country the people in question were citizens of.

In its statement on the issue on 12 May, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that the Europeans detained in Iran were French citizens, condemning the incident and demanding their immediate release.

In the statement, it was reported that as soon as the French authorities became aware of the incident, Iran summoned the Paris Charge d’Affaires (the person appointed to maintain diplomatic ties with a country that was not or could not be appointed as an ambassador ) to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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