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Iran accuses Israel: It gave intelligence information to the IAEA about our nuclear activities

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Iran’s Atomic Power Organization Leader Mohammad Islami said that all Iran’s responses to the International Atomic Power Agency (IAEA) so far have been careful and clear, arguing that the IAEA Leader has no significant will to describe the responses as convincing.

“The International Atomic Power Agency is based on intelligence reports from the Israeli-led enemies of Iran,” said Mohammed Islami.

Islamic called on the IAEA to stop the political influence within the institution and monument by the institution’s articles, and condemned the IAEA’s failure to criticize the intentional use of Iranian facilities, stating that the issue poses a big question mark.

He also said that he was surprised that IAEA inspectors carried out 25 percent of their total work in Iran, despite his country’s share in global nuclear power being only 3 percent.


Mohammad Islami also spoke about Iran’s statement that “it will welcome a good and lasting agreement; such an agreement is possible if the USA and 3 European countries accept the truth” and emphasized that his country is ready to comply with the agreement in return for the implementation of all its decisions by other parties. .

Noting that the IAEA’s access to camera footage at nuclear facilities depends on the luck of the agreement, Islami said, “Iran will continue its peaceful nuclear activities regardless of the fate of the nuclear agreement.”

Explaining that Iran’s decisions on uranium enrichment are not for provocation, Islamic stressed that there is no place for nuclear weapons in the country’s strategy and that the rumors about it are “malicious accusations”.

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