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Invitation to ‘take action’ from Turkish Health-Sen in Kocaeli

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Türk Sıhhat Sen Kocaeli Branch Leader Çeker made a press statement at the branch about the Base and Ceiling Additional Payments (Revolving Funds) of the employees working in Research and Application Hospitals and Dental Faculties operating under the Higher Education Institution (YÖK).

KOCAELİ (İGFA) – Turkish Sıhhat Sen Kocaeli Branch Leader Ömer Çeker, İzmit District Representative Hüseyin Özdemir, Kocaeli University Hospital Chief Representative Hasret Cagin, Representative Ömer Koyuncu, Yalçın Gül, and member Fehmi Can Aktürk made a press statement at the branch.

In the statement, Çeker invited YÖK to take action so that the regulation in the Supplementary Payments amendment made by the Law can be adapted to working life and that the new Additional Payments Directorate should be published.


Branch Leader Ömer Çeker said, “According to the minutes of May 15, 2022, there are 96 thousand 900 Public Duty Officers in Education and Research Hospitals and Dental Faculties operating under the Council of Higher Education throughout the country, and 1940 in Kocaeli University. The Law on Amending the Decree in Some Laws Related to Public Health and Law No. 375 was published in the Official Gazette dated June 23, 2022 and numbered 31875. In order for the regulation to be implemented in institutions, YÖK had to publish the new EK Payment Directorate, but 96 thousand 900 public officials were victimized because it did not publish the new directorate. The Council of Higher Education should take action for the Additional Payment Amendment and the Base Additional Payment, and end the grievance of the employees by issuing the new regulation without delay.”

Reminding that these prices must be increased to a reasonable level for all professionals who are stuck in the middle of 250-800 TL in the Base Supplementary Payment, and they have mentioned that this situation should be corrected on various platforms before, Çeker said, ” The Fixed Supplementary Payments of the public officials who previously served in the Hospitals and Dental Faculties, It was paid from the Revolving Fund revenues obtained with the contributions of the Revolving Fund.This situation caused the hospitals to have economic problems. Therefore, the Institutions either did not pay the revolving funds that the employees were entitled to, or were paying a small amount.As the fixed Supplementary Payments started to be paid from the central budget, a considerable amount of money began to accumulate in the budget of the hospitals. Why were the Revolving Fund Supplementary Payments of the employees not paid from the ceiling compared to the current directorate? Employees are ea gerly waiting for the answer to this question. Officials should make a statement about the bet. As Türk Sıhhat Sen, we follow the problems”.

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