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Invitation from Hak-İş to the ‘Minimum Price Board’

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Hak-İş General Leader Mahmut Arslan requested that the Minimum Price Determination Committee convene and they expect a study in which the losses will be compensated.

Hak-İş/Hizmet-İş Union held its 7th General Meeting of IETT Branch No. 3 in Istanbul, in Kartal.

Making the opening speech, Hak-İş General Leader Mahmut Arslan emphasized that the Base Price Determination Board should be convened next month and necessary improvements should be made against the increasing inflation.

Explaining that the high inflation that has occurred since, the inability to control price increases, and the issues experienced after the Ukraine war and the pandemic, have made the base price symbolic, “For this reason, we decided to convene the Base Price Fixing Board in July and to compensate for the losses incurred by wage earners,” he said. We think that an increase should be made not only in the usual minimum price, but also in the prices of all wage earners and retirees,” he said.

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