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Investments continue in Bursa with the speed of ‘Lightning’

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BURSA (IGFA) – Bringing valuable services from development to urban transformation, from social areas to cultural centers, from sports facilities to contemporary market areas, Yıldırım Municipality has realized many projects that will change the face of the district in 3 years and gave the start of new investments.

Yıldırım Municipality Leader Oktay Yılmaz, who has implemented many services that touch people in Yıldırım since he took office in 2019, examined the physical projects brought to the district together with AK Party Headquarters Deputy Leader of Local Administrations Ahmet Zenbilci. Yıldırım Municipality Leader Oktay Yılmaz said, “Despite the pandemic process, we have brought investments to Yıldırım and Bursa that will increase the brand value of the city, in addition to the routine municipal services we have determined, within the 3-year deadline we have left behind. Mümine Şeremet Sleeping Library, Balaban Recreation Area, Naim Süleymanoğlu Sports Complex, Vakıf Kent Bera Park, Yıldırım Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, Ulus Ladies Sports Center, Millet District Indoor Market Area and Millet District Ladies Sports Center and many squares and neighborhood parks. While putting it into service, Mimar Sinan Library, Manisiz Life Center, Molla Yegân Children’s Activity Center, Karapınar Youth Center, Karaağaç Social Life Center, Dr. Work continues at the Sadık Ahmet Youth and Sports Center and Sıracevizler Social Life Center, Mimar Sinan Sports Complex and our neighborhoods. We will bring these places to our district during our service period and make them available to our citizens.”


Yıldırım Municipality, within the scope of works that will change the face of the district; In 3 years, Yildirim acquired 18 parks and renovated 32 parks. Yıldırım Municipality, which brought the Vakıf Bera City Park to the district with the help of the Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of the projects that will breathe the city, opened the Balaban Recreation Area with a ceremony attended by the AK Party Deputy General Leader in Charge of External Vineyards and Bursa Deputy Efkan Ala. Within the Balaban Recreation Area, which provides service on an area of ​​48 thousand square meters; There are picnic areas, walking paths, children’s playgrounds, a country cafe and a country restaurant.


Work continues at full speed at Sıracevizler Social Longevity Center. The indoor market area on the ground floor of Sıracevizler Social Life Center, where 85 percent of the construction works have been completed, has been completed and opened to the service of the residents of the region. Parking is available on one day of the week, on Sundays, and on other days. On the new floor, the work on the upper floor, where there are gyms for women and children, cafeteria, headman’s office and administrative offices, will be completed in a short time and will be available to the residents of the region. The Sıracevizler Social Life Center, which was designed as 3 floors in a construction area of ​​1,590 square meters and has a total usage area of ​​4,770 square meters, will add value to the district when it is put into service.


Mümine Şeremet Sleeping Library, which was opened in February last year and is the meeting point of more than 200 thousand young people, welcomes its guests not only from Yıldırım but also from every part of the city. While young people have the opportunity to study and do research in a decent environment 7 days and 24 hours, they contribute to their personal development with free trainings provided within the library. In addition, Yıldırım Municipality, which aims to raise culturally well-equipped generations, is preparing to open Yıldırım’s second, modern and well-equipped library, due to the high interest in the library. The Mimar Sinan Library, which will be built on an area of ​​1,200 square meters, will include more than 10 thousand books, a computer laboratory, a meeting room, a workspace for 200 people, and free tea, soup and internet service will be provided to the visitors. Also, on the lower floor of the library, the children’s library, where parents can read books with their children, will be offered to the children of Yıldırım. The library, which will stand out with its structure where students from different age groups can receive service at the same time, will also set an example with its design. The library, where 85 percent of the works have been completed, will soon be opened to the service of the residents of the district.


Yıldırım Municipality is reviving the pavilion structure of Osman Fevzi Efendi Silk Factory, the first silk facility established by Muslim Turkish business people in the 19th century. When Karaağaç Social Life Center, a 4-storey building with a 350 square meter base, is opened on a land of 4 thousand square meters, the ground floor and garden will serve as a social facility, and there will be stands and meeting rooms on the upper floors of the ground. Karaağaç Social Life Center, which will connect the past to the future with cultural and artistic activities, will be put into service in 2023.


Work continues at full speed in the Molla Yegân Madrasa, which has been restored in accordance with its historical texture. The madrasah, which will serve as a Children’s Activity Center, will contribute to the technological and artistic development of children. In the Activity Center, where trainings will be given in science, robotic coding, virtual software, drama and handicraft workshops, there will also be a children’s library, children’s playgrounds and entertainment areas and some mother-child activities. When Molla Yegan Child Activity Center opens, it will be the apple of the eye of both mothers and children.


Underlining that they have implemented many projects that touch the human being in Yıldırım during their tenure, Mayor Oktay Yılmaz said, “Urban transformation and social transformation are a valuable bet that should be carried out together. Transforming buildings is only a small part of the job. It is also necessary to transform the social and cultural life of the city. We do our best for this. We are building libraries, cultural centers, sports facilities, social life areas. We are increasing the green areas in Yıldırım by 1.5 million square meters. We have works that we have done, that are under construction and that are in the project phase. When these are completed, we will always see the change in Yıldırım together. We think the best of everything for Yıldırım, bring it to life and plan to do more. Because the most pleasant of everything is worth Yildirim.”

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