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Investment incentives explained at Manisa Salihli TSO

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Yurdal Şahin, General Manager of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Capital, presented detailed information at the Investment Incentives Information Meeting held at Salihli TSO in Manisa.

MANİSA (İGFA) – Investment Incentives Information Meeting organized by Manisa’s Salihli Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Feedtech Machinery company operating in Salihli OSB attracted great attention. General Manager of the General Directorate of Incentive Implementation and Foreign Capital under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Dr. Mehmet Yurdal Şahin gave valuable information to the participants in Manisa in addition to the practices throughout Turkey.

The meeting held at Salihli TSO Sardes Meeting Hall was attended by Science Industry and Technology Provincial Director Mehmet Üçbaş, Salihli TSO Board of Directors Leader İbrahim Yüksel, Assembly Leader Süleyman Oral, Salihli OSB Executive Board Deputy Leader Muhittin Bilget, Feedtech Machinery General Manager. Rasim Selcuk, Salihli TSO Administrative Council and council members, officials of banks in Salihli and financial advisors working in the district attended.

The most authoritative name in the Ministry of Industry and Trade on investment incentives, Dr. In his presentation, which he supported with reflective tables and formats, Şahin shared information about Manisa as well as investment incentives practices throughout Turkey.

Providing detailed information about the branches that can benefit from regional bases in Manisa, minimum investment prices and capacities, Şahin also included statistics on the investment incentive documents issued since 2012 until the end of March this year.

Noting that in Manisa, where 62 investment documents were issued in 2012, 210 investment incentive documents were reached in the last 2021 year, Şahin noted that the number in the first three months of this year was 41. Şahin also mentioned that the number of incentive documents given since 2012 is 444, the total fixed investment amount is 50 billion 333 million TL and the employment provided is 45 thousand 586 people.

Şahin, who gave information about the valuable changes made in the last period regarding investment incentives, also talked about the expected investment issues in the project-based incentive system.

At the end of the meeting, which continued with the answers given to the questions of the participants, Salihli TSO Board of Directors Leader İbrahim Yüksel gave a speech by Dr. Mehmet Yurdal Şahin was presented with a plaque.

Yüksel thanked Şahin, who explained in detail the issue that potential investors showed great interest in, and Rasim Selçuk, the founder of Feedtech Makine, who contributed to the organization of the meeting.

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