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Intimidation from the Russian proxy to the world

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The prevention of transit passage to Kaliningrad, which is located in the middle of Lithuania and Poland on the Baltic Sea coast, brought Russia and the West into conflict. Speaking on a television program he attended after this development, which angered Russian President Putin, Russian deputy Andrey Gurulyov stated that if a war with NATO breaks out in Kaliningrad, the first place they will hit is London.

Russia’s land, Kaliningrad, which is not in contact with land and is located on the Baltic Sea coast in the middle of Lithuania and Poland, caused a new crisis due to its position. Lithuania’s decision to prevent the transit of certain goods on the European Union’s (EU) sanction list to Kaliningrad over its territory has once again brought Russia and the West face to face in the Ukraine-Russia war that has been going on for 4 months.

Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolay Patrushev stated that Lithuania’s Kaliningrad decision was “hostile” and said, “Lithuania’s decision will be responded to soon. Our response will be significant and palpable for the Lithuanian people.” made its assessment. Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitriy Peskov emphasized that the situation is extremely important and said, “It is an issue that requires a deep analysis before a decision is taken. It will take a few days to make this analysis.” he used the term.

Deputy General Andrey Gurulyov, Member of the Defense Committee of the Russian Parliament, who participated in the broadcast on Russian state television, intimidated NATO countries over Kaliningrad. In case of possible war, Russia will not aim at Warsaw or Berlin; instead, he said he would fire missiles at London first.

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