Business is booming.

Interest in prefabricated houses is increasing

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The increase in housing prices brought prefabricated houses to the agenda. The prices of standard-looking houses in the prefabricated branch vary between 117 thousand and 135 thousand liras.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – There are many issues behind the recent emergence of prefabricated houses.

Experts emphasize that, contrary to popular belief, prefabricated houses attract attention with their long lifespan, thanks to their strength up to 50-60 years. Although the expenses to build such a solid structure seem like it will tire the pocket, prefabricated houses offer economical solutions.


One of the officials, Hüseyin Karabulut, who said that many people who are accustomed to living in reinforced concrete houses have started to discover structures using different production technologies with the advancing technology, talked about concrete structures that people have known and seen for many years. He said that although it is not easy to break their habits, they are excited that prefabricated houses are on the agenda again with the changing economic conditions. Karabulut noted that prefabricated houses, which are strong, durable and long-lasting structures, can be built in a short time and are disassembled, which gives the user an advantage.


Noting that the increasing material prices due to economic conditions, as in every department, have deeply affected the prefabricated section, Karabulut said, Stating that the prices of the prefabricated house vary depending on the square meter, the number of rooms-divisions, whether it is a single or double-storey building and where it will be installed, he stated that the prices of the prefabricated houses with a wall height of 2.50 meters and a flat exterior appearance start from 117 thousand liras. He said that the prices of our prefabricated houses, which have a wall height of 80 meters and a wooden exterior appearance, reached 135 thousand liras.

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