Insult case against Ferah Zeynep Abdullah by Musa Orhan

Actress Farah Zeyep Abdullahwith his social media account Musa OrhanHe announced that he had filed another lawsuit against him.

Famous actor sharing “Musa Orhan, who is dishonest and apparently used the justice system as a means of subsistence, or rather allowed it, has now filed a lawsuit against me for compensation. Hungry dog”used the phrases.


He tried to commit suicide in the hospital where he was treated in Beşiri district of Batman and died in the hospital 34 days later on 18 August 2020. Ipek Er In the letter he left, he wrote that Expert Sergeant Musa Orhan, who was on duty in Siirt, sexually assaulted him. A lawsuit was filed against Orhan at the Siirt 1st High Criminal Court, demanding a prison sentence of not less than 12 years for ‘qualified sexual assault’. While the trial of the pending suspect Orhan was still going on, social media reacted to the events.

The player who is one of the reactants Ezgi BreakHe was sentenced to a judicial fine of 6 thousand 960 TL for 87 days for the conviction that he committed the crime of ‘insulting’.

Farah Zeynep Abdullah also tweeted a reaction against this decision.

Musa Orhan’s lawyer filed a criminal complaint about the tweet in question on the grounds that he had acted against his client, and as a result, Farah Zeynep Abdullah was sentenced to commit the crime of ‘insult’ and was sentenced to a judicial fine of 1300 TL for 65 days.

Orhan also Angel Mosso Or sued. Melek Mosso was also imprisoned for up to 2 years and 4 months on the charge of ‘insulting publicly with a voice-written or video message’.

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