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‘Inflation’ statement from ENOUGH Party Kayseri

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IYI Party Kayseri Provincial Leader Sebati Ataman and Melikgazi District Leader Tuncer Küçük chatted with tradesmen and citizens in Düvenönü Neighborhood.

In the image of the visit, the tradesman, Sebati Ataman to the leader: “Our production is mainly in Istanbul. Our loaded truck, which was 4,000 liras a year ago, now comes to 15,000 liras. Today, we buy the work for 10 liras for the wrong meaning, put the profit on it and sell it for 11-12 liras, not by making big money. You buy it for 20 tomorrow and sell it for 22, but as the price rises, the person who will buy it from below becomes unable to buy it,” he said.

Another tradesman said: “I made an account in 2019. Sugar comes to 4000-5000 liras. At that time, the minimum price for a saint is 2479 liras… 500 packs of sugar, cubes of sugar. Now the minimum price is 4250 TL. 170 packages are bought, where are the 330 packages? If 500 liras were given to sugar money, as the rule of the day, he would have to pay 12,500 liras to the base wage earner. There is no need for another account. “Leader Ataman was troubled with his words.

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