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Inflation statement from CHP Antalya

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CHP Antalya Deputy Rafet Zeybek spoke about the inflation data announced by TUIK.

ANTALYA (IGFA) – TURKSTAT announced inflation rates for May. inflation, inflation increased by 2.98 percent on a monthly basis and by 73.50 percent on an annual basis in May. According to ENAG information, the inflation increase was 5.46 percent in May and 160.76 percent in the last 12-month period.

CHP Antalya Deputy Rafet Zeybek also made a statement about the inflation figures announced. Zeybek from CHP said, “The annual #inflation has been announced as 73.50 percent according to TURKSTAT. According to the data announced by ENAG, it is 160.76 percent. The situation brought to the country by the economic models named “This is very important” and “Look into my eyes” in the middle; poverty, increases, cost of living.” He emphasized that the analysis is an early election and invited the government to an early election.

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