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Index contract in VIOP started the day with rising

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The June futures index contract, after seeing the highest point of 2,798.00 at the opening, is trading at 2,794, 0.5 percent above the previous session’s closing.

Yesterday, the selling index contract closed the regular session at 2,780 points, down 1.6 percent compared to the previous close. The index contract rose to 2,782.25 points in the evening session.

Analysts stated that while the expectations for high inflation continue, developments that strengthen the possibility of recession increase the stagflation concerns in the economies and stated that the volatility in the markets may remain on the agenda for a while.

Analysts stated that the statements of the US Federal Reserve Leader (Fed) Jerome Powell and the European Central Bank Leader (ECB) Christine Lagarde will be at the center of the markets. He said that industrial production and retail sales came to the fore in the USA.

Analysts noted that technically, 2,780 and 2,750 levels are in the mains position and 2,850 points are in the resistance position in the index contract.

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