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Increasing expenditures in the global health market increased the need for labor

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The increasing awareness of healthy life in the pandemic has accelerated the development of new business models that bring financial freedom to women in the supportive food market that originates from nature.

According to McKinsey’s research, rising grown consumer expenditures in the global healthy life market, which has by 10% every year and reached 1.5 billion dollars, have also increased the need for labor. New business models that focus on health and wellness open new opportunities for women, who make up 47.7% of the global workforce and take a 26.3% share of Turkish employment, with a focus on profit in business life and profession.

The supportive food market, which guides an active and healthy life with the power it receives from nature, is now recruiting women who have not stepped into the working life with its new business models.

Siberian Wellness Turkey Sales Manager Enver Coşkunsu, who stated that the awareness of a healthy and fit life, which has become increasingly widespread in the world with the trigger power of the global epidemic, also accelerated the development of business models that provide financial freedom for women, made the following assessment on the matter: “As the expenditures towards women increase, new business models gain a different dimension by merging with the entrepreneurial spirit of women. With our business model, in which women represent the healthy and vigorous lifestyle, we introduce those who want to stand on their own feet to working life and meet them with the additional income they target.”


Stating that they offer women with a wide profile, from young professionals to residential women, from students to entrepreneurs, the opportunity to establish their own groups by gaining the title of consultant, and increase their additional income with the bonuses they earn, Enver said. Coşkunsu said, “Those who reach a certain turnover can own houses and cars within the scope of the rewarding program with the bonuses they earn.

While shaping the professional life of women with marketing and sales-oriented trainings, we also offer the opportunity to travel while doing business. To date, 3 thousand of our consultants have been successful in commercial business. As a result of her activities, she traveled to 35 countries

Accelerating their career steps with the training they received, women can increase their additional income and take their commercial activities beyond the borders by gaining the title of marketing expertise in a short time. 25% of the purchases made and 10% of the group turnover are written to the profit boxes.”


Pointing out that all women who value their health and wellness have a business model that they will quickly adopt, Siberian Wellness Marketing Manager Natalia Eromchik said, “We

We bring a vision to the global health market with our works we have developed by completing 360 projects per year, more than 160 laboratory tests per month and more than 200 willing cluster studies.” In our R&D laboratory, which serves in the field of nutrition, we do a lot of research every day, examine hundreds of components, and develop useful, highly effective and natural products with our scientific studies. The business model we offer to women also constitutes a part of our vision.”


Stating that they define Siberian Wellness as “a science and technology company that includes the best experts and researchers with vast experience in the production of biologically active ingredients”, Natalia Eromchik said, ” Protecting the ecological stability of the world is also in the middle of our priorities.We support green technologies by using environmentally friendly ingredients in our works that we developed within the scope of the UN Sustainable Development Program. None of our works contain additives such as sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial colorants, mineral oils and fragrances that pose a danger to human health and the environment.

We approach our activities with a focus on social benefit beyond commercial benefit, we develop projects for the defense of endangered animals, endemic plants and natural wonders. We support the development of the inspiration market. With all these activities, we serve to encourage a healthy lifestyle and to develop eco-culture.”

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