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Increase in membership prices from BluTV

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The domestic digital platform BluTV has increased its membership price. The new incremental prices came into effect with the prestige of June 2.

according to the news reported by Ranini TV, the monthly subscription price for BluTV memberships to be created in Turkey with the latest price update is 34.90 TL for payments made using credit/debit cards; Annual membership price was 274.80 TL for credit/debit card.

The following terms were used in the statement sent to the members by BluTV, which changed the annual membership price:

“As Turkey’s first domestic digital video platform, we continue to enrich our content archive with our brand new content, domestic and foreign TV series, movies, programs and documentaries in 2022.

With the prestige of June 8, 2022, we are updating our annual membership prices as 274.80 TL. In order for you to continue to discover our highly original content, our annual membership price will be 190.80 TL (15.90 TL per month) for you. This price will be applied in the next subscription renewal period.

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