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Increase in electricity and natural gas!

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ANKARA (IGFA) – According to the written statement made by BOTAŞ, with the prestige of September 1, 2022, natural gas increased by 20.4 percent.

According to this; The sales price of natural gas used for electricity generation was increased by 49.5 percent, the sales price of natural gas used in industry was increased by 50.8 percent and the sales price of natural gas used in residences was increased by 20.4 percent.

In the written statement, it was underlined that natural gas is an imported power source and more than 99 percent of it is procured from foreign supply sources within the framework of international agreements. According to EUROSTAT information, the statement underlined that the lowest-priced natural gas in the middle of European countries is used in residences and industrial establishments in Turkey.


On the other hand, according to the statement made by the Power Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA), the electricity used in residences increased by 20 percent and the electricity used in industry increased by 50.8 percent.

Especially in recent months, due to the fact that the increases in power raw material prices in the global markets exceeded reasonable levels, it was recorded that the last electricity tariffs increased by 20 percent for the residential and agricultural activities subscriber clusters, by 30 percent for the public and private services division and other subscribers, and by 50 percent for the industrial subscriber cluster. “With this increase, the price to be paid for a residential subscriber with 100 kWh electricity consumption has become 173.46 TL,” the statement said.

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