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In Sakarya, tomatoes are browning in the greenhouse… Harvest will begin soon

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Harvest time is approaching in the Greenhouse Excellence Center, the exemplary project of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality for Turkey. The first harvest will begin soon in the center, where 65 thousand root tomato seedlings are planted.

SAKARYA (IGFA) – In the Greenhouse Center of Excellence, where 65 thousand root tomato seedlings were planted for Sakarya’s exemplary project for Turkey, the length of the plants exceeded one meter.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Leader Ekrem Şanlı visited the facility to examine the tomatoes starting to brown and the latest situation in the center.

Leader Şanlı shared that they are targeting a production of 1,250 tons on 25 decares, and stated that they will make the first harvest in a short time, and noted that they will produce throughout the year with the greenhouse production model.

Mayor Şanlı stated that as the Metropolitan Municipality, they took action to increase production, efficiency and quality, and to grow works that are beneficial for human health, and said, “We are making organic production with our completely environmentally friendly investment. I hope we will have our first harvest in a short time. Good luck.”


On the other hand, Leader Ekrem Büyük, who shared that pollination was done with bamboo bees in order to maximize efficiency in the Greenhouse Excellence Center, where the latest technology is used, noted that they give the necessary nutrients to the plants at the highest level , and that they meet the required heat with geothermal power. Şanlı also stated that they use the latest techniques of technology in the center where knowledge and skill are blended, adding that they will also be active in the environmental project, such as R&D, training and consultancy.

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