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In Kocaeli, CHP’s Yaşar Kardaş called out to the leader Büyükakın: Act according to the law!

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Yaşar Kardaş, Deputy Leader of the İzmit Municipality in Kocaeli, addressed the Metropolitan Municipality Leader Tahir Büyükakın regarding the Cumhuriyet Park project and said, “WOMAN WINS”.

KOCAELİ (IGFA) – Izmit Municipality Leader Fatma Kaplan The prevention works for Hürriyet’s Cumhuriyet Park renovation project did not yield results with the reinforcements of the people of Izmit.

Yaşar Kardaş, Deputy Leader of Izmit Municipality, who shared about the section decision of the Cumhuriyet Park, which came to the agenda in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Council, said, “The woman won”.


Sharing on his social media account, Kardaş said, “The only thing we can say to Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Leader Mr. Tahir Büyükakın is “WOMAN WINS” The ENT Council takes a decision in 2005 and you say, “No, that decision is old .” Your Assembly has a decision dated 17.02.2005 and numbered 433 and you have to act in accordance with that decision. We do not need any favors regarding Cumhuriyet Park. Actually, the result is clear. Please act according to the law and let’s analyze this issue as it should be.

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