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Influenced by citizens with its nature walk, boat type, bungalow houses and picnic areas, Kuşçu Marina is taking firm steps forward to become one of the paradises of tourism with the services provided. Finally, Kayseri’s Kocasinan Municipality Leader Ahmet Çolakbayrakdar, who will add facilities to the Yamula Dam for canoeing and sailing sports, said that thanks to the investments made, they added another pleasantness to Kuşçu, where the people of Kayseri enjoy watching the unique view.

Leader Çolakbayrakdar stated that they made Kuşçu a center of attraction; “In addition to routine municipal services, we bring innovations to the understanding of social and cultural municipality. We are building social places to relieve our citizens from the tiredness of the day. One of them is the Kuşçu Region. We are working hard to ensure that Kuşçu, where blue and green are in the middle, color the social life of the city and become a hobby place. In this context, we established a holiday village with bungalow houses in Kuşçu. On the shore of the Yamula Dam, we have created different social places and opportunities such as seating areas, picnic areas that appeal to every segment from 7 to 70. Citizens have the opportunity to take a cruise on the boat, swim in the pool, and then dine on the viewing terrace with a unique view.

In addition, there is the opportunity to go on a pleasant trip away from the stress of the city with hiking trails where trekking can be done for domestic and foreign tourists. We do special works for motor enthusiasts, bike lovers and anglers. In addition to all these, we have deployed children’s play sets and outdoor fitness equipment that appeals to all segments from 7 to 70. On the lake shore, which we have made visually more aesthetic, we have added visual richness to the visual area at night with the decorative LED lighting system. Now we will build facilities for canoeing and sailing sports in the region. Hopefully, with the investments we will make; ‘How can athletes in the field of water sports emerge from a city in the middle of Anatolia without water and sea’ will be discussed. If God wills, your efforts to reveal these good services will sprout with the training of water athletes.”

Leader Çolakbayrakdar added that they will make Yamula an excellent center that will serve Turkey and where all kinds of water sports will be practiced.

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