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IMM’s Young Inventors graduated

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The cooperation of IMM and Boğaziçi University gave its first fruits. The first graduates of the ‘İBB Technology Workshops Project’, developed by two institutions, received their documents from Leader Ekrem İmamoğlu. Imamoglu, who came together with a total of 870 graduates and their families, said, “The graduates of the workshops will achieve great success in the field of technology in the future. These may be projects that will change the world. In fact, they will implement projects that will bring great prestige and great gains to our country. We have full faith in this. In this hall, there is that belief and that power.”

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – The “IBB Technology Workshops Project”, which was launched on October 9-10, 2021 in cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Boğaziçi University, gave its first graduates. “Project Stand and Graduation Ceremony” organized for a total of 870 students from different age groups, Dr. It was held at the Architect Kadir Topbaş Show and Art Center. İBB Leader Ekrem İmamoğlu, who attended the ceremony, came to a meeting with the inventor students in the part of the hall that was arranged for the stand, before his speech. Having received presentations from the team leaders about some projects, İmamoğlu followed the inventions with interest. Later, under the heavy attention of students and parents, he sat with the children in the protocol rows that passed to the part where the graduation ceremony was held.

Ceremony; It started with the speeches of Emre Çiçek from Bakırköy workshop, Yusuf Taha Elmas from Esenyurt workshop and parents Elif Akay and Özcan Poyraz Akarsu. One of the students, Çiçek’s advice to her friends on the side of “Never give up”, received great applause from the hall. Boğaziçi University Computer and Instructional Technologies Department Head Assoc. Dr. Gunizi Kartal detailed information on different subjects, provided from the steps of the project to the selection of the students by examination, from the education path they use to the road map they are considering for the future. Assoc. Kartal said, “We also continue our efforts to participate in advanced training and races with a cluster to be determined from the middle of the students who have completed the program.”

Speaking after Gunizi, İmamoğlu described the image he saw in front of him with the words “Very beautiful”. Saying, “We have chirpy children and young people here,” İmamoğlu said: “And they have parents who feed on them with the highest hope. Why do I say fed? I am just like that; I am feeding. Because looking to the future with hope is probably the greatest need of all of us. There is a heart that welcomes this, in our children and youth. I experience this everywhere. Sometimes there are even those who judge, ‘Why do you look to the future with such hope’. Or, there are those who question, ‘How can you be so hopeful?’ However, my advice to everyone; let them not only take care of their own children, every child that society sees around us actually makes us much more hopeful for the future. I love them so much.”

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